Tuesday 19 March 2019

Don Don Donki coming to Novena Square 2 soon!

Just stumbled upon this after walking through Square 2 today.

Don Don Donki is coming to Novena Square 2 soon!

It should be opening May 2019 based on the signage I just saw at Square 2, just right next to the Novena MRT entrance.

It should be their fourth (or fifth outlet) in Singapore. Since they may get another store opened in Singapore sooner than this May 2019 timeline and they are planning to open a total of 10 stores nationwide in Singapore by 2020.

They already opened up a store in Bangkok, which is pretty exciting!

So that's 100AM, City Square Mall and Orchard Central as their current Don Don Donki locations. I'm looking forward to seeing what opening promotions and goodies that they will have.  It should also mean it'll be easier to try the Japanese sweet potato if you haven't managed to queue up in time to grab one to try!

Side story, read about Don Don Donki's founder via this Straits Times article if you're keen to understand the story behind the store too. I found it quite interesting.  Don Quijote/ Don Don Donki founder Takao Yasuda

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