Tuesday, 2 June 2020

How to move from Gomo to Singtel mobile plan

If you're like me, you were using Singtel's GOMO mobile plan as it is a good no frills sim card to use. 

I wanted to try it for the travel roaming add ons that I could add when I needed to.

So you may be at a point now where you want to upgrade your plan to another provider and keep your same mobile number. If it is to Starhub, M1, etc. it is pretty straightforward. But what if you are moving to Singtel? It should be straightforward right?

Well, almost.

I signed up for a Singtel Sim only plan following the "GOMO to Singtel Combo or XO mobile plan via Whatsapp process". When I received my new sim card today, I was instructed to activate by calling a 24 hour phone number, which is great.

Thank you for shopping with us.
If you have received a new SIM card upon recontracting your mobile line, please call 6220 1011 to activate it".

So I went to do the following steps:

Step 1 - Receive new Singtel sim card

Step 2 - Call Singtel activation number

Step 3 - Singtel card activated

Step 1 - I received my new Singtel sim card.
Step 2 - I called the Singtel activation number on 6220 1011.

After following the prompts on the phone, I received the following SMS and my line with Singtel closed.

"Got more questions? Click on this link https://www.gomo.sg/faq to find out more about GOMO."

This is where I got stuck as Gomo could not help. So naturally I reached out back to Singtel support.

Please be wary that not everyone will know how to help you immediately, so stick will chasing the Singtel team to help you get set up here. That's what I did, asking around in all the different Singtel channels for assistance.

Singtel Whatsapp support

If you reach out to Singtel Whatsapp, Shirley the chatbot will tell you:

"For activation of SIM Card:
  •  Dial 62201011 (available 24 hours)
  •  Key in details as prompted
  •  SIM card will be activated within 1 hour

Please activate your SIM card within 7 days after receiving it."

Stick to Singtel for support

They may guide you back to Gomo, but stick with Singtel, only they can help you.

"Did you try to visit this link: https://gomo.sg/home
On the below part of the page there is a "Chat with us link".
It will directed you to the GOMO Agents.

Since GOMO is only have partnership with Singtel."

Gomo won't be able to help you, else it'll affect your number porting!

"But please note that only Singtel can make the porting and change.
"If we will terminate your number to GOMO and the port in is not complete, you will not be able to use the same number and the port in will be rejected.

I highly suggest you to contact Singtel regarding the port in and activation status of your number."

Remember, only Singtel team can help you move from Gomo to Singtel. Not Gomo, so make sure you reach out to the Singtel team.

I hope that helps you.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Where to pick up your reusable mask in Singapore

Where to pick you your reusable mask in Singapore

If you are wondering where you can pick up your mask, as long as you are a Singapore resident, you can head to your nearest community clubs (CCs) and residents' committee centres (RCs) to collect your reusable mask at any time from the 24-hour vending machines located there.

You can also visit maskgowhere.gov.sg for the latest information about the exercise, find the nearest location and/or to check on the availability of masks in the vending machines.

Reusable mask vending machines in Singapore

These reusable mask vending machines will be where you will be able to get your reusable mask.

When you are at the machine, you can press of an on-screen button and scan of your identification card to get their new masks

These masks use newer materials that offer better comfort and resistance to droplets.

Masks available:

from 26 May 2020 for three weeks until 14 June 2020.

Timing for pick ups:

24 hours, as it's from vending machines (so as long as there is stock when you're there)

Details about the drive from MaskGoWhere

Here are some details about the mask drive from the maskgowhere.gov.sg website:
From 26 May to 14 June, residents with a valid identification card with barcode can collect one reusable mask each. Collection will be at designated CCs, RCs or at residents’ convenience from 24-hour vending machines.

Please produce your ID with barcode for verification. E.g. NRIC/FIN, work permit ID/visit pass, or student pass/birth certificate (for children).

You may collect the masks on behalf of your family members living in the same household by producing their IDs. - maskgowhere.gov.sg

How to find the nearest place to collect your mask:

If you are a Singapore Resident, you can visit www.maskgowhere.gov.sg and find the nearest location for you.

Here's a quick step by step guide:

Step 1 - Visit maskgowhere.gov.sg

Step 2 - Enter the postcode of the location you want to pick up the mask

Step 3 - Review your preferred pick up location with stock

Step 4 - Pick up new mask

You should now be able to pick up your reusable mask.

Details on the new mask packaging

Anti-bacterial face mask
Kills bacteria, cool on skin, hand-washable, organic cotton, perfect fitting, quick dry, bacterial efficiency 95, PM 2.5, 3 x superior layer protection.

Product Specifications:
Product: Anti-bacterial face mask
BFE Filtration >= 95
Mask construction: 90% organic cotton, 10% spandex jersey
Color: Black
Packaging: 1 piece per pack

How does the new mask look compared to the old mask?

Here is a picture of the mask from the last distribution drive compared to the current one.

Last one was two layered, so the new one has three layers.

Here are some FAQs from MaskGoWhere.gov.sg that is worth calling out:

1) Who is eligible to receive a reusable mask and how many masks are they entitled to collect?

Every resident with a registered home address can collect one (1) Reusable Mask each from collection points at designated Community Club/Centres (CCs) and Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres.

This includes foreign domestic workers, foreign workers not living in dormitories, long-term visit pass holders, social visit pass holders and international students living in hostels, excluding foreign tourists.

For foreign workers living in dormitories, the masks will be distributed through Ministry of Manpower channels.

3) How many types of masks are there? Can I choose which type I want, or exchange them if a wrong type was given?

There are two types available for this exercise – a kid size mask for those aged 12 years and below, and an adult size mask. As such, an adult will not be allowed to collect a kid size mask without a valid child’s ID. However, a child will be allowed to collect adult size masks, if he or she wishes to get a bigger mask.

The reusable masks are distributed on a non-exchangeable and non-returnable basis due to hygiene reason.

6) How are these reusable masks better than those given at the previous mask collection exercise? Do I need to wash it between each use? How can I maximise the lifespan of the mask?

Both adult and kid size reusable masks in this mask collection exercise are made of at least three layers and have a filtration efficiency of at least 95 per cent, even after 30 washes. New materials have also been used for these masks to improve their resistance to droplets and comfort for the users. After each day of use, the reusable mask should be hand-washed gently using mild detergent and hung to dry. To maximise the lifespan of the mask, please do not wring, bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean the mask.

22) Why is there a need to use the vending machines?

These vending machines will provide Round-the-Clock access (24 Hours) for residents who may not have time to collect the reusable masks from collection counters at CCs and RC Centres during operating hours.

With the adoption of the vending machines, fewer staff and volunteers are required to distribute the masks manually to residents. This will help to reduce human-to-human contact, thus ensuring the safety of our residents.

23) How often will touch surfaces on the vending machines be cleaned?

All the vending machines have been applied with a self-disinfecting coating (SDST) as a safeguard against viruses, bacteria and fungi. SDST is a non-toxic, persistent antimicrobial coating that has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This coating is safe on human skin and can last for three months. It has also been used at areas with high touch-points, such as lift buttons in HDB housing estates.

29) I have scanned my identification card but the vending machine did not dispense any mask. Who can I approach regarding this issue?

If a vending machine breaks down during the CCs’ operating hours, residents may seek assistance from the collection counters at CCs and RC Centres to collect their masks.

If residents encounter technical issues with the vending machines after the CCs’ operating hours, they can contact the Mask Collection hotline at 1800-333-9999 from 10am to 10pm for assistance.

More details: