Wednesday, 14 October 2020

GrabPay Selfie for identity verification

If you are like me, you may received an email from Grab that is asking you to share a selfie with the GrabPay team. 

Given that Grab is asking for users to share details to an external body (Securezapp) to validate, I wanted to check with the Grab team to make sure this is legitimate request and not a phishing exercise. So I called them following the instructions in my Grab app.

Is there a GrabPay Card hotline I can call?

These are the instructions you can follow, as it is always best to check. You can visit Grab's Help Centre for more information, or you can also reach out to Grab on the Grab app by tapping on:

  1. Account > 
  2. Help Centre > 
  3. Scroll down to ‘Call Us’.
You should see a contact details page and you can reach:
  • GrabPay on +65 69021036 (though please check this via your Grab app or
Operating hours:
  • Card enquiries (Weekdays 10am-6pm/ Public Holiday: 10am-6pm)
  • To report lost, stolen or suspicious card activities (24/7)

Why does Grab need a selfie?

From Grab:

We’re always looking out for the security of our GrabPay users, and we require a selfie as an additional verification check for your GrabPay account. 

By matching the selfie with the submitted photo ID, this helps us prevent fraudulent activities, and verify the rightful owner of the GrabPay account as per Monetary Authority of Singapore’s requirements.

To ensure that you can use GrabPay Wallet with peace of mind, we periodically require our existing customers to update their particulars with the latest information. We may also ask for additional details in line with regulatory requirements, for users to access new products that we launch on the Grab app.

Please be assured that your selfie will be kept strictly confidential and for identity verification purposes only. Personal data is collected, stored and managed by GrabPay in accordance with Grab’s Privacy Policy, to meet requirements under the Personal Data Protection Act. For more information about your GrabPay Wallet, you may check Grab’s Terms of Service.

Why am I asked to verify my identity for GrabPay Wallet

More details on why there is a need to verify here -

Why does Securezapp process look like?

Based on my own experience, it looks like this:

With reference to the email from Grab with subject title [Selfie required - Submission for identity verification].

GrabPay is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and we are required by MAS to collect a selfie from you as an additional verification step. Please submit your selfie according to the guidelines in the email. The selfie can be in jpg, jpeg, or png formats.

GrabPay Selfie required - Submission for identity verification

Here is a copy of the email that was sent by Grab with [email protected]


We are contacting you because you previously completed your identity verification on the Grab app through the manual form. We will require a selfie as an additional verification check for your GrabPay account.

Why do you need my selfie?

In line with regulatory requirements, the selfie helps us to prevent fraudulent activities and verify the rightful owner of the GrabPay account. We’re always looking out for the security of our GrabPay users, to ensure that you can use GrabPay Wallet with peace of mind.  

What do I need to do?

Take a clear selfie with your photo ID and upload it for us to review. It will only take a few minutes!

  • Hold the photo ID next to your face, making sure all parts of your face and the photo ID are visible. The photo ID has to be the one you used to verify your account.
  • Remove any accessories such as glasses or caps when taking your picture.
  • Click on ‘Send File’ to be directed to the Securezapp website.

Why do I have to upload my selfie on Securezapp? What is Securezapp?

We are partnering with Securezapp, a file transfer solution with enterprise-level security for documents to be uploaded and stored securely with end-to-end encryption.

  • The uploaded selfie will be encrypted and safeguarded throughout the process, and it will be deleted after 14 days from when it was uploaded.
  • Submit your selfie within 14 days, otherwise the Securezapp link will expire and you will need to request for another link.
  • Once the selfie is uploaded successfully, we will review your selfie, and get in touch again if we need further clarification.

Is there anything else I need to know?

You can visit our Help Centre for more information, or you can also reach out to us on the Grab app by tapping on Account > Help Centre > Scroll down to ‘Call Us’. Thank you for your understanding.


GrabPay Team

I hope that helps you understand this further. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

How to move from Gomo to Singtel mobile plan

If you're like me, you were using Singtel's GOMO mobile plan as it is a good no frills sim card to use. 

I wanted to try it for the travel roaming add ons that I could add when I needed to.

So you may be at a point now where you want to upgrade your plan to another provider and keep your same mobile number. If it is to Starhub, M1, etc. it is pretty straightforward. But what if you are moving to Singtel? It should be straightforward right?

Well, almost.

I signed up for a Singtel Sim only plan following the "GOMO to Singtel Combo or XO mobile plan via Whatsapp process". When I received my new sim card today, I was instructed to activate by calling a 24 hour phone number, which is great.

Thank you for shopping with us.
If you have received a new SIM card upon recontracting your mobile line, please call 6220 1011 to activate it".

So I went to do the following steps:

Step 1 - Receive new Singtel sim card

Step 2 - Call Singtel activation number

Step 3 - Singtel card activated

Step 1 - I received my new Singtel sim card.
Step 2 - I called the Singtel activation number on 6220 1011.

After following the prompts on the phone, I received the following SMS and my line with Singtel closed.

"Got more questions? Click on this link to find out more about GOMO."

This is where I got stuck as Gomo could not help. So naturally I reached out back to Singtel support.

Please be wary that not everyone will know how to help you immediately, so stick will chasing the Singtel team to help you get set up here. That's what I did, asking around in all the different Singtel channels for assistance.

Singtel Whatsapp support

If you reach out to Singtel Whatsapp, Shirley the chatbot will tell you:

"For activation of SIM Card:
  •  Dial 62201011 (available 24 hours)
  •  Key in details as prompted
  •  SIM card will be activated within 1 hour

Please activate your SIM card within 7 days after receiving it."

Stick to Singtel for support

They may guide you back to Gomo, but stick with Singtel, only they can help you.

"Did you try to visit this link:
On the below part of the page there is a "Chat with us link".
It will directed you to the GOMO Agents.

Since GOMO is only have partnership with Singtel."

Gomo won't be able to help you, else it'll affect your number porting!

"But please note that only Singtel can make the porting and change.
"If we will terminate your number to GOMO and the port in is not complete, you will not be able to use the same number and the port in will be rejected.

I highly suggest you to contact Singtel regarding the port in and activation status of your number."

Remember, only Singtel team can help you move from Gomo to Singtel. Not Gomo, so make sure you reach out to the Singtel team.

I hope that helps you.