Saturday 19 December 2015

A taste of Black Friday in Singapore

Yesterday, I had a taste of Black Friday in Singapore.

I was deciding between two trays or maybe getting both (last two left) and was telling my partner in crime that these trays are exactly what we need.

A lady immediately swooped one up the moment I just put one down to rest as I was distracted in conveying my thoughts of that need.

And then, she passed it to her Husband, he said, "Really? You don't even use the kitchen", she shot him a glare, looked back at me like, "Yea, I won. I got the tray, so?" and walked on.

I hope they really use use that tray.
I'm sad I didn't get both. I mean, pizza should be made in pairs, you know? This is a better baking tray for pizzas than the ones I have.
 Felt confused that someone would feel the need to be competitive at getting an item that she probably won't ever use.

No, I didn't feel the need to slug her one though. Just feel kind sorry for her.

But oh come on, though. Seriously? Let me know your thoughts.

I will leave you with a video of some Black Friday footage from the US.

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