Thursday 17 December 2015

Lantern Singapore at the Fullerton Bay Hotel

Lantern Singapore hosts some beautiful views. It only of the city around but also in the garden bordering the pool and lights, lights, lights.

I had a wonderful night out at Lantern Singapore. A rooftop restaurant/ bar a part of and just above Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Note - it is Fullerton "Bay" Hotel so if you head to the wrong hotel and find yourself at the Fullerton Hotel, there are under passes you can follow to get to either hotel. 

The views are spectacular here. Not very high but high enough and leaning against Singapore's Marina Bay so you have glorious views of Marina Bay, the Esplanade,  and the Marina Bay Sands.
The drinks selection here is pretty decent with wines, spirits, cocktails and the like available decorated in the typical fashion that you'll expect at a roof top bar like this in Singapore. Prices follow as well at around 20-25++ (plus 10% GST government tax + 7% service charge/ tip for the restaurant).

The food is very hit and miss though. Which a local Singaporean friend noted is pretty typical of places such as this. I found the truffle fries delicious but almost everything else was mediocre and below average.

For instance, the burgers were small and used processed cheese (plastic cheese) rather than real cheese. So while you're paying restaurant and bar prices, you're getting a lower quality burger.
Simple bread was served with a dip but while it looks enticing, the bread itself was stale so there was no longer a crisp taste to it to go with the dip.

That said, as mentioned earlier, the truffle fries are of high quality and uses quality truffle oil of what I gauge as at least 5% truffle in the oil. The fries are crunchy and hot, and as a friend noted, double fried.

All in all, this place is a great place to enjoy the view and have drinks with some fries.
Bookings and reservations seem the norm, so be sure to book early to get a decent spot here. It's Lantern at the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

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