Sunday 30 January 2022

How to select a snack gift box from SnackMagic

I recently received a snack gift box from work that I choose myself on SnackMagic. So I am sharing you my experience of selecting a snack gift box and then seeing what is included in one of the boxes.   

It is around Lunar New Year when I received the link to select my snack gift box, so I selected the CNY Fortunate Gift box. 

CNY Fortune Gift Box

Step 1 - Visit SnackMagic website

If you are buying the box as a gift for a friend, family, colleague or team, you would choose the SnackMagic box from the SnackMagic website.

You will be presented with the gift box options from your country. In my case, it is in the Singapore collection.

Step 2 - Select gift box from SnackMagic 

You can select the box you want. 

In my example, I selected the CNY Fortune Gift Box.

CNY Fortune Gift Box

Lunar New Year is a time for us to celebrate new beginnings and strengthen our bonds with loved ones. Usher in the Year of the Tiger in roaring fashion with our carefully curated Fortune Gift Box and impress your family, friends, and colleagues with this auspicious gift when you visit them during Lunar New Year. It has snacks like Mini Abalone, BCH golden bakkwa, Fortune cookies, New Moon birds nest, and many more. Happy Chinese New Year.

Step 3 - Receive your gift box from SnackMagic

You would generally receive the gift box from SnackMagic after 2-3 business days. This is sent through their partnership with SendThings Singapore.
Then enjoy your gift box! 

In my CNY Fortune Gift Box, the contents included:

  • 1 x Yoshihama Abalone (425g)
    • Expiry 17/09/2024. Brand: Imperial Premium Seafood. Made in China. Imported by De Cheng Xin Xing Trading Pte Ltd.
  • 1 x Abalone In Superior Collagen Broth (160g, 28g drained weight)
    • Expiry 19/11/2025. Brand: Imperial Premium Seafood. Made in China. Imported by De Cheng Xin Xing Trading Pte Ltd.
  • 8 x Bee Cheng Hiang Mini EZ Golden Coin bakk wa
  • 8 x Fortune cookies (7g)
    • Expiry 30/01/2023. Brand: The Garden Company Limited. Made in HK.
  • New Moon birds nest - Concentrated Bird's Nest (42g)
    • Brand: Wing Joo Loong. Manufactured in Singapore. HACCP and Halal Certified. 
  • Chilli Tapioca with ikan billis and peanuts (100g)
    • Brand: Singapore Houten Batak House. Product of Singapore.
  • Camel Natural Pistachios (40g)
    • Expiry 16/12/2022. 
  • Camel Mixed Snacks (40g)
    • Expiry 11/01/2023.
  • Camel Cashews (40g)
    • Expiry 04/01/2023.
  • Red packet x 1

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