Tuesday 17 December 2019

TPG 4G Voice App now let's you make voice calls

Make and receive calls with the new TPG 4G Voice App

Just received this update from the TPG Singapore team, where they have introduced a new ability for you to be able to receive and make calls from a mobile app.

You will need to download the "TPG 4G Voice App" mobile app from the Android play store or the Apple iOS store. Upon your first log in, you will need to add in your SMS code to log into the app.

Here's an example of my test of this, where I am calling myself and can see it pop up.

I have a dual sim phone (Oneplus 5T), so I am using you will see that the TPG app is open, while I am receiving a call from my TPG mobile number.

I am currently using the TPG's first mobile trial plan to test the service, so these calls may be chargeable depending on the plan you have with TPG.

TPG 4G Voice App details from TPG

The new TPG 4G Voice app lets you make and receive high-quality calls from your TPG mobile number using ANY 4G/ LTE capable smartphone!  

The TPG mobile network is built using the 4G technology which means voice calls can be made using:
  1. VoLTE capable handsets supported by the TPG Singapore network (list below)
  2. TPG 4G Voice app - You can use the TPG 4G Voice app to make and receive regular calls on your TPG mobile number even if your handset is not compatible with their VoLTE network.

Other things to note:
  • You can receive calls from any mobile or landline numbers, including numbers from other telecommunication providers and overseas.
  • Usage of TPG 4G Voice is based on TPG’s trial service plan, which includes free unlimited calls to Local Mobiles (from TPG allocated numbers) and 20 minutes to Local Fixed Lines per month.
  • Calls to international numbers will be made available in future from TPG.
  • While roaming in Malaysia, Indonesia or India, you are able to make or receive calls over the TPG 4G Voice as long as you are on their TPG’s Mobile trial service plan, details from TPG here
For more information on TPG 4G Voice App can be found here on their website
If you have a handset compatible with their VoLTE network, you do not need to use this app.
Currently, VoLTE capable handsets supported by TPG Singapore's mobile network are:

*Huawei Nova 3i
*Huawei Nova 5T
*Huawei Mate20
*Huawei Mate20 Pro
*Huawei Mate20 X
*Huawei P30
Huawei P30 Pro
*Huawei P30 Lite
Honor 10 Lite
Honor 8X
Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+
Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+
Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10e / S10+
Samsung Galaxy A10
Samsung Galaxy A30
Samsung Galaxy A50
Samsung Galaxy A70
Samsung Galaxy A80
Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ 10+
OPPO Reno 10x Zoom 
OPPO Reno Z 
VIVO V17 Pro  


  1. Tpg cannot call and cannot receive call please fix this.. I'm not paying for free

    1. Hi there, can I please check if you are trying to make using the TPG mobile app itself? As this only applies to using the mobile app.

      I just tested this on my Android 9 phone. I have added a screenshot of my test into this post for your reference.