Tuesday 17 December 2019

BlueSG car launches New Subscription Plans

BlueSG car just launched some new Subscription Plans.
  • BlueSG Basic Plan is priced at a cool $8 per month, with no commitment period! Pay a flat per minute rate of $0.33/min. Plus, all new customers can enjoy a one month FREE trial.
  • BlueSG Premium Plan (6 months) For $18/month, you’ll get free 45 minutes rental each month and pay a flat per minute rate of $0.33/min (UP: $22.85). 

Electric Car Owners can use the electric charging station

BlueSG also offers a new offer, that's not advertised as much and this applies only for Electric Car Owners. 

For a yearly membership fee of $20, BlueSG Charging Service allows you to charge your private electric car at BlueSG designated stations island-wide 24/7. You can book your preferred parking spot for free at anytime via the app. 

+$1 SGD / hour for the first 3 hours and $2/ hour thereafter pricing for charging your electric car at a BlueSG charging station. 

Dear customers,

Over the past 2 years, many of you have provided feedback regarding the subscription plans and processes.

We have taken all your feedback seriously, and are constantly striving to improve our service and how we can suit your needs better.

As such, we have unveiled our New Plans today, which we hope will provide you with more flexibility and convenience.

What happens now for BlueSG customers?

You will need to continue on your 1-Year Premium plan until it ends on 8 February 2020. Not to worry, there will be no change to our flat rate billing of $0.33/min.

What happens after the BlueSG 1-Year Premium plan ends

After your existing 1-Year Premium plan ends, you will be auto-renewed onto the new Basic Plan. If you would like to end your subscription or opt for the Premium (6months) Plan, please provide written notice via the BlueSG account at least 5 days prior to the renewal date.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Hotline @+ 65 3163 7800 if you have any further questions.

Once again, we thank you for your support,

The BlueSG team

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