Saturday 16 November 2019

How to use BlueSG mobile phone mounts

BlueSG now have mobile phone mounts

BlueSG cars are now being fitted with new mobile phone mounts to hold your phones. I find it quite exciting. As these mobile phone mounts to hold your phones so you can set up GPS with your phone as you drive and right beside the steering. 

Definitely helps for when I am renting a Blue SG car and I prefer my own phone's GPS and using the Waze navigation app. You can also use your own favourite that's installed on your phone.

BlueSG cars now equipped with iOttie Smart car mounts

What about the current GPS navigation in BlueSG cars?

There is still also the inbuilt-GPS inside the BlueSG cars which are useful when finding a power charging station and/or navigating around town. But their limitation is more that it can sometimes be difficult to search and set the destination you want to go to with it. 

How to use BlueSG mobile phone mounts

Here is a diagram of where you can configure your iOttie phone mount. 

iOttie Smart car mounts instructions diagram

You will notice that there is a:
  • phone width grip with centre pad
  • phone release lever
  • mount height adjustment knob
  • mount height extension knob
  • phone rotation knob

Video of how to use the BlueSG mobile phone mounts

Here's a video of the new car phone mounts in action:

Model: iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Smart Car Mount
Phone sizes supports: 2.3" - 3.5" wide
Type: BlueSG Car Accessories

Happy BlueSG car driving!

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