Sunday 3 November 2019

Gomo mobile plan Singapore

Singtel created created a new mobile plan called GOMO. Basically meaning Get Out More Often (GOMO) for Singapore.

The highlights/ differentiators of this mobile plan are that:
  • Contract-free, sim only plans
  • Data focused, but also has call and sms credits
  • Run on the Singtel mobile network
  • Available in two forms:
    1. GOMO Mobile Plan
    2. GOMO Travel SIM

1. What is GOMO Mobile Plan?

GOMO Mobile plan by Singtel

GOMO Mobile Plan is a no-contract sim only mobile plan for use locally only in Singapore. For S$20/monthly, it  comes with:
  • 20GB data
  • 200 mins
  • 200 SMSes
  • Free incoming calls & caller ID Plus
  • Free registration and SIM
  • Option to buy a S$10 top up called, "Roaming Data Pump", which allows you the option to add 1GB roaming data across 10 days*
*Note - It does not have any roaming credit by default, so for S$10 you can add 1GB roaming data across 10 days.  You also need to be a GOMO Mobile Plan customer if you want to enjoy this pricing.If you are not a customer, this is when the GOMO Travel Sim the option for you.

Roaming Data Pump covers 10 destinations including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

Roaming Data Pump is a data-only plan, so international talk time or SMS is not available. To make full use of your Roaming Data Pump, we suggest using your favourite chat or social apps while roaming overseas!

2. What is GOMO Travel Sim?

GOMO travel sim is the travel sim offering (there is no need to be a GOMO mobile plan customer here), which will connect you to the following:

  • 2GB for $12 for 10 destinations for 10 days
  • 3GB for $20 for 10 destinations for 10 days
These 10 destinations that the travel sim will cover are: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

Setting up on GOMO mobile plan Singapore

I recently signed up for GOMO mobile plan and have so far found the sign up process easy and straightforward.

The management of most of your GOMO plan is via the GOMO mobile app where you can clearly see how much data you currently have, talktime and SMS. Along with this, I have the option to purchase roaming data for when I need it.

I love the update via SMSes that I received along the sign up process.

It was always quite clear when and how my number will be activated, as I was porting my number from Starhub to Gomo (Singtel). Here is a screenshot from my phone below of the updates.
I also tested my WirelessSGx if it is working with the GOMO mobile sim card. I can confirm that it is working for me during my tests at MRT stations in Singapore, no issues there.

This is as I have my WirelessSGx set to read authentication off my sim card. In technical terms, it is using the direct EAP-SIM configuration for Wireless@SGx wifi access.

If you need help with this, you can manually configure your device to connect to Wireless@SGx by following these steps:

1)      Select Wireless@SGx in your Wi-Fi menu
2)      Select “SIM” under “EAP Method”
3)      Press “Connect”

Thereafter, your device will automatically connect to Wireless@SGx networks at all Wireless@SG hotspots.

Looking to understand more details on GOMO? 

I would recommend reading their FAQ section of their website which will add more colour to what I have been discussing and experiencing.

If you have further questions, please feel free to leave a comment. 

Happy GOMOing! 

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