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What happens after you are Singaporean PR?

What happens after you are Singaporean PR?

Now you are Singaporean Permanent Resident now what?

Congratulations! You are one of the few each year that are granted Singaporean Permanent Residency.

What are the first steps to being a Singaporean Permanent Resident?

You have 60 days to complete the formalities. The date of your PR starts will be the date that you are able complete your formalities.

Step 1 - Before the day of the formalities at the ICA building

  1. Send letter to CPF for Medisave - This is a core requirement, checklist and sign this as soon as possible
  2. Complete your HIV and Hep B test

Step 2 - On the day of the formalities

  1. Complete formalities
  2. Fingerprinting via fingerprinting block 

They will also bring out a big file that they have been keeping with all your submitted documents inside.

Costs: 100 SGD for application fee (this includes: 50 card, 50 for the Entry Permit)

Step 3 - Pick up your new Singapore Identification Card

You will then need to wait and pick your new Blue SPR (Singaporean Permanent Resident) IC .

You may need to wait a day to book, as I couldn't book to pick up my blue SPR IC immediately on the day that I completed my formalities.

So I suggest trying the next day and book your appointment. I found that the new window to pick up a SPR was open about a week and a half later. I assume this factors in the time they need to make your card and then place it at your preferred pick up mode.

You can choose from one of three modes:

  • ICA, iCollect, Alternate site (SingPost) for about 6 SGD

Step 4 - Update key identification documents after becoming PR

Once you are officially Singaporean Permanent Resident. You'll need to update a variety of Singaporean agencies, banks and membership bodies.

Here's a selection of the key ones to consider:
  • Singpass - most important, do this first so you can update records online
  • Drivers licence
  • Medical - update clinics of your new IC as you see required
  • Library (If you have a Passion Card this should also roll through with this)
  • Banks - update banks of your new IC, this is important to align your credit records to your new IC. Be sure to bring passport to prove your identity. Here's some timelines from some banks:
    • SCB Standard Chartered bank - takes them 5-7 days to update your records 
    • DBS bank- takes them one working day to update your records
    • CIMB bank - takes them 5 working days to update your records, process done via snail postal mail
  • Other Identity Card tied memberships
    • Challenger
    • G2000
    • Cedele
    • Watsons

Useful notes post becoming a Singaporean Permanent Resident

SingPass - You'll need to update this

SingPass - I created a new SingPass. Although I believe you may be able to simply update your IC in the system, so you do not need to merge as your FIN account will be terminated soon.

Of course I had clashes with adding in a new mobile or email address.

Either way, you should receive an email once this has been updated.

Here's a sample SingPass OneKey registration details:
Dear Customer,

You are receiving this email because you registered your mobile number (SMS OTP) as part of your 2-Step Verification setup for SingPass.

We are pleased to inform you that your registration is successful!  You will receive the PIN mailer password within 5 working days via mail.

Please activate your SMS OTP within 30 days from the date of receipt of the PIN mailer password. Upon successful activation, your mobile number will be automatically linked to your SingPass account.

You can email us at [email protected] or call us at +65 6566 3539, if you do not receive these items within the stated timeframe.

Yours sincerely,
OneKey Customer Care Centre

This is a computer generated email.  Please do not reply.

If not, you should do this:
SMS: Resend pin mailer<space>NRIC<space>Postal Code to 78111 using your SingPass registered mobile#. E.g. Resend pin mailer S1234567A 098765

Males - You'll need to register for National Service (NS)

  • Register for NS with MinDef. This is very important for males who has successfully received their Permanent Residency under the Spouse scheme. MinDef is the Ministry of Defence. You'll need your new SingPass for this step.
  • Either way, you'll need to wait 4-6 months for Mindef (Ministry of Defence) to send you a letter to ask you to register for National Service (NS). or not

    "National Service (NS) registration is a requirement for all male Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents under the Enlistment Act.

    As you have been granted Permanent Residence status in Singapore, please log in to NS Portal ( with your SingPass ID between xxx date and xxx date for your NS registration. You will be informed of your NS liability after the completion of your registration."

Medishield Life policy will be available

Medishield Life annual premium is due. This is an optional scheme.

Other suggested considerations to take note of

Long term visa passes (LTVP)

Was there any LTVP attached to your former EP? 

For some people, they may have LTVPs for their parents attached to their work pass visas. Since the LTVPs will be still active/valid in the system. So you may need to login to EPOL and issue the cancellation (if applicable). This is to ensure there is no overstay fine. Best to check with Singapore ICA to be certain.

Maid work permits

Do you have a maid work permit attached to you? 

Even though foreign domestic worker (FDW)'s work permit is tied to an employer and not your Employment Pass (EP). You would still need to notify MOM of the change in your status via an iSubmit request.


If you have a vehicle you need to inform LTA of your status change

Updating records via Neighbourhood Police Stations

You may be able to go to a neighbourhood police station to update any change of address. Address changes can be a one stop affair by stopping by any NPP (neighbourhood police post). This will propagate to all ministries and agencies of the government automatically.

However, please note that without key necessary documentation, you may probably need to visit each ministry individually, e.g., ICA, IRAS, MOM, CPF, etc.

More details on this one stop updating service here:

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