Tuesday 4 April 2017

Discontinuation of the OneInbox service by GovTech

OneInbox previously offered by the Singapore Government is going to be decommissioned.

About OneInbox 
Details from the GovTech OneInbox team
  • You may continue to access digital letters / information through the available digital channels of the individual government agencies. Please refer to table below.
  • From 8 April 2017, you will automatically receive hard copy letters from the Government based on your registered address with the agencies. You will no longer receive digital letters in your OneInbox.
  • You may wish to download your past digital letters from OneInbox by 7 June 2017 for future reference.
#Ministry/Statutory BoardLetter NameDigital Channels
1.Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB)Welcome Letter for New Members
Nomination Acknowledgement Letter
2.Housing Development Board (HDB)Yearly Statement of Account for Mortgage Loan and/or Upgrading Cost
  • Log in to My HDBPage using Singpass
  • Click on "My Flat > Purchased Flat > Financial Info > Statement of Account"
3.Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)Individual Income Tax
  • Log in to myTax Portal using Singpass or IRAS PIN
  • Click "Notices > Individual"
Property Tax
  • Log in to myTax Portal using Singpass or IRAS PIN
  • Click "Notices > Property"
4.Ministry of Finance (MOF)GST Voucher
5.Ministry of Manpower (MOM)6-Monthly Medical Examination
  • Log in to MOM eService for work permit transactions for domestic helpers and confinement nannies using Singpass
  • Click on "Important Documents"
6.Singapore Police Force (SPF)Police Report
  • Upon filing a police report, you will receive a copy of the report via email

OneInbox is a secured platform for you to receive Government letters electronically (e-letters), in place of hardcopy letters. Besides being an eco-friendly initiative which enables you to do away with hardcopy letters, OneInbox also offers you: Anywhere, Anytime Access You can access e-letters from the Government anytime and anywhere, even when you are overseas. All you need is your Singpass and an internet connection.

Thank you for supporting the OneInbox service. We regret to inform you that this service will end on 8 June 2017, because of low demand and relatively high maintenance costs. Nonetheless, we will continue to enhance service delivery by channelling resources to other digital services that are useful and relevant to the needs of citizens.

Please take note of the following:
If you have further queries about your OneInbox account, please call 6887 7111 or email oneinbox-helpdesk(at)crimsonlogic.com.

Digital channels available to retrieve or view Government correspondence electronically,
Thank you for your support,GovTech OneInbox Team

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