Sunday 9 October 2016

How does SingTel ReadyRoam data roaming work?

Like any other provider, SingTel, Singapore Telecommunications has a variety of different data plans to suit travelers needs. Some better than others, in pricing, coverage and data given.

SingTel ReadyRoam data roaming

Today, I have activated SingTel's ReadyRoam data roaming, as I will be testing how effective it is in Asia Pacific. I used the handy MySingTel app to activate it.

This is the package I brought is:
1GB, 30 days, 11 destinations, all for just $20 SGD.

After activation, this is the confirmation message you will receive via SMS.
You have successfully subscribed to 1GB $20 30-days ReadyRoam.

Start date: <Start date>
End date: <End date>
(2359hr SG time)

Mobile number: <your number>


  1. This plan covers China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Philippines, S.Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Please refer to for the list of preferred networks.
  2. Use My Singtel app to monitor and manage your data roaming spend.
  3. Excess charges of $0.05/MB apply for usage beyond the 1GB data bundle on preferred networks.
  4. To subscribe for another plan while overseas, subscribe via My Singtel app or dial *100#.

I'm going to document my experiences using this my trip to the Philippines as my test country. My goals will be seeing how effective and fast the data is via the transport apps like Uber and GrabTaxi.

Really seeing if it is worth it compared to just buying a local sim card.

This is the pitch from SingTel about this plan

Make your holiday count. With ReadyRoam, you can get connected instantly without the hassle of finding a local SIM. Enjoy 1GB of data across 11 destinations lasting up to 30 days, for just $20. And with no need to switch to a foreign number, get lost without ever being off the grid.

ReadyRoam at any of these 11 destinations:

• China
• Hong Kong
• India
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Macau
• New Zealand
• Philippines
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• Thailand

Instructions to activate SingTel ReadyRoam data roaming

Subscribe up to 7 days in advance via
• My Singtel app > Roaming > Roaming Plans > ReadyRoam - 1GB for 30 days
• Dial *7626 and select ‘9’
• Call 1688 (S$10 activation fee applicable)

While overseas,
• Dial *100# and select ‘1’
• SMS *7626 to 3333 and select ‘9’ (Roaming SMS charges apply)

Direct link to SingTel's information page:

Note - Only one SingTel ReadyRoam data roaming at a time

You can only have one active data roaming plan active at a time. I was looking to turn on a worldwide data roaming outside of the set here and received the following error. 

Sorry, we are unable to process your request as you have an active data roaming plan during the selected period. You can check your active plans via My Singtel app > Roaming > Usage or dial *7626 (in SG) or SMS '*7626' to 3333 (while overseas). Please try again once your current data roaming plan has expired.

Please reply with your preferred option (based on visiting destination) e.g. 1

Note: Roaming SMS charge applies for each reply.

Do you wish to sign up for
 1) DataRoam Saver (Monthly) plan
 2) DataRoam Saver (Daily) plan
 3) DataRoam Daily 100MB
 4) DataRoam 30 days Travel Pass
 5) Zonal Roaming plan
 6) DataRoam Pass
 7) Check subscribed DataRoam Saver plans
 8) Business Roaming Plans (for company registered mobile lines only)
 9) ReadyRoam - 1GB for 30 days (Available in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Philippines, S. Korea, Taiwan & Thailand)
10) My DataRoam Settings

Enable / Disable:
11) Data Roaming
12) Network Lock

Subscribed Data Roaming plans for 9XXX XXXX.

Active Data Roaming plans:
1. ReadyRoam - 1GB for 30 days
(09 Oct 16 - 07 Nov 16 23:59)

1. Any cancellation of DataRoam Saver plans must be made 48 hours before the start date.
2. Activated Data Roaming Plans are non-refundable.

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