Sunday 9 October 2016

How can I change my booking dates on HotelQuickly?

Is it possible change my booking dates on HotelQuickly?

Short answer: Yes, but only sometimes and if you're fast!

Possible - But changing ability will vary by hotel

If you accidentally book the wrong date, HotelQuickly will do their best to help you change it. Because of the last-minute nature of their service, in most the cases the hotels don’t allow us to modify, cancel or refund bookings - at least not easily.

Room prices will vary

Room prices often change from one day to the next, which is another reason we can’t easily modify your check-in date, even though we’d like to.

Best to check before booking in the first place

Please re-check all the details in the booking review screen -- such as Guest Info, Check-In and Check-Out dates -- before making your payment.

Worst case, reach out to HotelQuickly Support

If you want to try to change your dates, please reach out to HotelQuickly's 24/7 Happy Customer Team via email or phone. Their agents will do whatever they can to negotiate with your hotel. Please be patient as in some cases this takes up to 10 hours.

Email HotelQuickly

[email protected]

Chat with HotelQuickly team in real-time

Call us 24/7

Hong Kong +85 258 0812 70
Indonesia 007-803-3218136 (toll-free)
Thailand  +66 2107 1335

This first was posted by Chor 06/17/2016 on HotelQuickly's Support page.

Note - I do not work for Hotel Quickly. I am only helping to make information about how to use their services easier to find and with my own personal experiences factored in. Please read my other posts for more detail about my experiences using HotelQuickly.

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