Saturday 13 October 2018

Updates to KOI Card membership in Singapore

The KOI Singapore team has made some updates to their membership program such that your log in will change from your NRIC to your mobile number.

This is to comply with Singapore's PDPA customer data privacy requirements. So they allow you to get re-activated on their new website

Here's a video from their Facebook page that you can follow if you are finding yourself stuck at this step.

Essentially, this is their guide for you:

Updates to KOI Card KOIThélicious membership in Singapore

I would like to also share their FAQ around this, to help you understand how their new KOI membership program works.

They are essentially calling it KOIThélicious Card Program now.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of KOI card:

What benefits can I get from KOIThélicious Card?

Birthday reward

Enjoy 2 free medium-sized beverages on your birthday month. Both cups must be redeemed in one transaction.

Earn Leaves

Earn 3 Leaves with every $1 spent with your KOIThélicious card, and earn 1.5 Leaves with every $0.6-$0.9 spent. Leaves will be calculated based on the total spending amount in a single receipt. (E.g. $15.60 spent, 15 x 3 + 1.5 = 46.5 Leaves rewarded)

Top-up bonus

20 Leaves bonus will be rewarded with every S$50 accumulated Top-Up.

 Members’ exclusive

Redeem members-only treats or gifts with your accumulated Leaves. Receive members-only exclusive events, deals, and promotional offers through your registered email address.

Shared account

Link a maximum of 10 KOIThélicious cards to share your account with your loved ones. 5 Leaves will be rewarded with every new registered KOI card.

Speed up your order

Speed up your drink order(s) at our outlets when you set up your top 3

most favourite beverages in your profile.

After a successful registration, members can then enjoy the full membership benefits of the KOIThélicious card, as listed below:

The above exclusive rewards and Leaves accumulation will only be eligible after registration. If your card is lost or damaged, you may visit our website to deactivate or cancel the card to prevent the card from being misused.

Where can I purchase a KOIThélicious card?

You may purchase a KOIThélicious card at any participating KOI outlets*.

How do I register my KOIThélicious card?

Visit and fill in the fields to complete your registration. As your mobile number will be used as your account ID, please have your KOIThélicious card and mobile phone with you during the registration process. An OTP SMS will  be  sent  to  your  registered  mobile phone during the registration process.

How do I top-up my KOIThélicious card?

Top-ups can be done at any participating KOI outlets*. For card activation, there is a minimum top-up of $10 (amount subjected to change of card design and outlets). Top-up can only be made in denominations of $10. Accumulation of leaves and top-up bonuses only take effect after you successfully register your card.

How do I use my KOIThélicious card?

You can purchase any beverages or merchandise available with your KOIThélicious card at all participating KOI outlets*. The value in your card(s) cannot be exchanged for cash.

Will my KOIThélicious card expire?

Yes, your account is valid for two years and will be automatically renewed from your last purchase date. Upon expiry, all unused balance, Leaves and vouchers will be forfeited.

Can I transfer my KOIThélicious card’s balance to my family or friends?

No, your card balance, Leaves, and vouchers are non-transferrable to family, friends or anyone else.

Can I refund the value in KOIThélicious card?

Yes, the refund is only for registered members. Please contact us at our office number 64405845 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays, to make an appointment before heading down to our Singapore Head Office in person to collect the refund. Please note that the refund is not available once your account has expired.


How many KOIThélicious cards can I register under one account?

Each mobile number can only be registered once, but you may register up to 10  unregistered cards under the same account. The maximum stored value for each account at any point of time is $300. Please do note that all vouchers, balance, and Leaves collection are shared among all cards under the same account. Member’s benefits like Birthday Voucher will be issued once per registered account.

How to link cards in my account?

Please log in to your account at and click [My Cards -> Link Card To Profile] tab.  Please note that the card must  be activated with a minimum top-up of $10 before  it can  be linked to your account.

KOIThélicious Member Portal:

How can I update my personal information on my KOIThélicious card?

You can review and change your personal information at the members’ portal, select “My Profile” to update. For any discrepancies to your birthdate, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or call us at 64405845 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays.

How to add favourite drinks in my account? Is there any limit to the number of drinks that I can add?

Please log in to your account at and click [Profile -> My Favourite Drinks] tab. You may select your favourite drink with sugar level, ice level, and toppings. You can add up   to 3 favourite drinks in your account.

What if I forgot my password?

You may click ‘Forget Password’ at homepage. Enter your registered mobile number and a reset password link will be sent to your registered email. Kindly check your spam or junk folders for the reset email.

Lost or Damaged Card:

What should I do if I lost my KOIThélicious card?

Registered members can log in to the members’ portal at to “Report lost / Cancel Card” deactivate the card with immediate effect. Do note that by selecting ‘’Report lost card’’, this will temporarily deactivate the card to protect your account balance while ‘’Cancel Card’’ will terminate your account permanently.

Should you recover the lost card, you may reactivate your card from your account page again. Alternatively, you may wish to activate a new KOIThélicious card with the minimum top-up of $10 and link it to your account to continue using the combined stored value.

What should I do if my KOIThélicious card is damaged or faulty?

In the event, your KOIThélicious card is damaged or faulty, you may wish to activate a new KOIThélicious card with the minimum top-up of $10 and link it to your account in order to continue using the combined stored value.

Leaves and Vouchers:

What can I exchange with the Leaves?

There are various types of vouchers available for Leaves redemption. You may check at the kiosk outlets directly or log in to the members’ portal and check out the available vouchers under [Membership Feature -> My Leaves] tab.

How can I check the balance, Leaves, or available vouchers of my KOIThélicious card?

You may head down to our participating outlets* or log in to your member account at to check out the balance, Leaves and all available vouchers.

Will my Leaves expire?

Yes, Leaves will expire in one year from the month you are rewarded. Leaves’ expiry date will be shown in your KOIThélicious card account. For example, Leaves earned on 1 September 2018 will expire on 30 September 2019.

Can I still spend or collect Leaves if outlets experience technical issues?

Leaves collection and vouchers redemption may not be available when outlet experience technical issues.

Can Leaves or vouchers be exchanged for cash credits?

No, Leaves and vouchers are not exchangeable for cash credits. Leaves are only allowed for voucher redemptions.

Can I still earn Leaves when vouchers are used?

Yes, Leaves will be awarded based on the total spending amount in a single receipt after voucher redemption.

How can I convert my Leaves into vouchers and redeem at outlets?

You may visit any of the outlets with kiosk or simply log in to your account at and convert leaves to vouchers under “Membership Features”. The vouchers will then be credited into your account once confirmed. The KOIThélicious card must be present and payment must be made with KOIThélicious card when redeeming vouchers at participating outlets*. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

What is the validity of vouchers redeemed on the portal?

Vouchers are valid for one month from the redemption date. Expired vouchers will be removed from your KOIThélicious card and no extension of expiry date will be allowed.

What if the free items, merchandise or voucher  that I wish to redeem is not  available      at the outlet I visited?

All rewards or redemptions are subjected to availability and on a while stocks last basis. If the merchandise is sold out at a specific outlet, you may visit other outlets or call the outlet directly to inquire first. Do note that our company reserves the right to change the free merchandise, rewards or vouchers without prior notice.

Can I use my KOIThélicious card for bulk orders?

KOIThélicious members can use their card to purchase up to 50 cups in a single receipt. For bulk purchases of more than 50 cups, KOIThélicious card payment is not available.

Why am I not awarded Leaves when I bought my first drink?

Customers need to register their KOIThélicious card at before purchasing at KOI outlets* to accumulate Leaves.

What if I have other queries?

You can contact us via e-mail at [email protected], or call us at 64405845 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays.

KOI Thé reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

*All KOI Thé outlets in Singapore, except for Changi Airport Terminal 3 Outlet. All KOI Thé / Express vouchers cannot be used at Signature KOI Jewel Outlet.

Here's some screenshots for you to get a sense of the steps currently available on their website.

If you get stuck like I did, please reach out to them via e-mail at [email protected], or call them at 64405845 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Happy Koi drinking!

Update - 17 November 2019

Updated the KOI card details above based on recent engagement with the membership and details from KOI website and outlets.

Also here is a copy of the recent KOI card brochure that is available at KOI outlets for your easy reference.

KOI card Singapore brochure 

KOI card Singapore brochure 

KOI card Singapore brochure  
KOI card Singapore brochure

KOI card Singapore brochure 

KOI card Singapore brochure FAQ page

Happy Koi drinking!

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