Sunday 17 July 2016

Grab celebrates durian season with GrabDurians in Singapore

It's durian season, and what's a better way to celebrate it than to have durians delivered to your home.

Saves the hassle from taking durians back yourself.

It's the second year now, and GrabTaxiSingapore has just had their recent #GrabDurian campaign for more durians. This year they have 1,000 boxes of durians and delivering it around Singapore. They also have a parallel campaign in Malaysia.

"We only have 1,000 boxes of delicious, high grade durians. Up your chances of getting that durian fix today, 17 July, with this quick tip - block your calendar and book only when our special #GrabDurian vans are in your location. Happy Grabbing!

For all of you durian lovers, we’re offering a box of high grade durian for only S$15 and delivering it to you for free! Each box will contain fleshy goodness from a whole durian of at least 1.5kg. Just book yours with a credit/debit card on Grab.*"

Here’s How to Book Your #GrabDurian!

Step 1:

Make sure you have the GrabTaxi app installed

Step 2:

Select #GrabDurian Icon

Step 3:

Key in your pickup and drop-off location (both to be the same address)

Step 4:

Select Payment Method (Credit / Debit Card only) & select Next

Step 5:

Book your #GrabDurian and the durian will be delivered to your doorstep! We’re expecting high demand so please be patient

Pro tip: To up your chances, get live updates on where the cars are on our Twitter Feed @GrabSG 

Promotion Conditions:

  • Each booking is entitled to one (1) durian only. Limit one per building location
  • Durian type can vary for each delivery. From the GrabCar that went by my place, it was stocked with only Mao Shan Wang, but there could be other varieties as well
  • Each box will contain fleshy goodness from a whole durian of at least 1.5kg

How heavy is 1 box of durian delivered? How many durians do I get for $15?
Each box will contain fleshy goodness (~200-400 grams) from a whole durian of at least 1.5kg. Please note that the calculation and weight of 1.5kg includes the durian’s shell.

For further inquiries, please contact us at (65) 6570 3925 or mail to [email protected]

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