Saturday 19 December 2015

How do I renew my Employment Pass in Singapore?

You might be wondering, how does the Employment Pass (EP) renewal process work?

You may be thinking:
  • Is it easy?
  • Does it take long?
  • Are they likely to renew my work pass? 

Well, I can't say for your case what it'll be like, since I don't work at the Minstry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore. I can do the next best thing though, and that is to share my recent experience of having my employment pass (EP) work pass renewed, so that at least it gives you an idea of how it works.

Here's some quick answers for you:
  • Is it easy? Easy is a subjective word, straightforward is the better word for the process here.
  • Does it take long? Not long at all in my opinion. It took pretty much exactly 7 days to process.
  • Are they likely to renew my work pass? This depends on the MOM, since they will be executing what Parliament instructs them to do. For most cases, they are generally likely to renew your pass - if nothing significant and negative has occured in your circumstances recently. 

When can you apply to renew your Employment Pass in Singapore
First of all, here are some key information from MOM on when you can apply:

  • If you have an EP Online account, you can apply to renew a Employment Pass up to 6 months before the pass expires. You must apply before the expiry date. Check when you can start renewing.
  • If you don't have an EP Online account, you can start applying to renew when you get the renewal forms in the mail, 3 months before the pass expires. Your application has to reach us (the MOM) at least 2 weeks before the pass expires.

I love how online the Singapore Government is. You can check if you're eligible using their "check when you can start to renew" page.

Back to my renewal experience, how did the process look for me?

How do you renew your Employment Pass in Singapore

  1. Employer applies to renew your Employment Pass - My employer renewed my Employment Pass for me. It was a straightforward process for them. They have a set process, where they will start looking to apply for a new pass for you about 3-6 months before your current one expires. The expiry date of your new Employment Pass will continue from your current Employment Pass' date + three years. That is, if you first had your pass expiring Dec 2015, then they will give you your Employment Pass early, but just date it expiring Dec 2018. 
  2. Pay for your Employment Pass - There will be a payment required as part of this application process, which your HR within your company should do for you. Sometimes they ask you to pay for your own renewal and expense it. Or your HR department may pay for it directly. My company did the former and asked for my credit card details to pay for it. I later expensed the Employment Pass renewal fee. 
  3. Wait - The process following this is to wait for MOM to process, approve and issue your new Employment Pass. My pass was approved and issued in 7 days. It was later couriered directly to my office to my desk. I believe this is the standard process to have it delivered to you directly rather than having you pick it up directly from the MOM Employment Centre. But this may vary depending on company size, as I picked up my first one in person, and the later renewals were delivered directly to my office.
  4. New Employment Pass issued - Congratulations, you should have you new Employment Pass now. Keep enjoying Singapore! 

Unlike a new EP application, I see find renewing an Employment Pass (EP) is far easier. For those employers or authorised third party with an Online EP account, renewal of their employee’s EP is possible any time under six months of the Pass’ expiry date. Again, your EP pass will hold the latter expiry date.

The renewal process takes only seven working days, and if successful, the employee on renewed EP is granted permission to work in Singapore for another three to five more years.

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