Friday 30 January 2015

Japanese sushi sashimi rice

With 1kg sashimi grade pre-sliced salmon, and about 300gm of sashimi grade self-sliced swordfish belly waiting in plastic boxes, I boiled short grain sushi rice with a rice-cooker mode specific for japanese sushi rice, seasoned and mixed it with brewed jap rice vinegar, salt and sugar I had set over the stove earlier.
And fanned the sushi rice with a small electric fan I keep on my kitchen table, to cool and dry the rice from any more moisture.
Once the rice turned glossy, I plied on the sashimi slices.
Forgive the bare look of the presentation, I couldn't be bothered.
Armed with Japanese mayo by my side, and a mixture of wasabi and soy sauce, I ate my way through the rice forest and had my own style of Hana maki (Jap mayo with salmon sashimi wrapped around sushi rice) in my chopsticked bowl.
The pleasure of this experience, is the convenience of adding even more sashimi slices into my bowl on a second helping, justifying my *need* to finish the Japanese sushi rice to a non-speck.
I regret selecting a pre-sliced option for the salmon slab. I have decided that I would prefer slicing my own fish, to be full and thick and rich.
Just like how I sliced the swordfish belly.
So much more satisfaction, I am certain.
Fast preparation meals, ftw.

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