Monday 24 November 2014

Steamed Pomfret

1. Wash fish with salt
2. Marinate (rub) fish with salt. 

  • This is so that there is taste inside the fish meat.
  • Prepare ginger by cutting it up into pieces. The ginger helps with the absorbing of the fish smell.
  • Cut cherry tomatoes into pieces
  • Prepare shitake mushrooms by washing and soaking them. Then cut them once they are clean and soft.
  • Prepare chilli padis
  • Prepare some preserved sichuan vegetables (packet sichuan vegs)
  • Cut leeks into pieces.
  • Chopped garlic ready
  • Add chilli to taste

3. Place steam rack into the rice cooker. Add water to rice cook and wait for it to boil

  • Add garlic and the ingredients prepared earlier into a bowl that you would like to use in the rice cooker
  • Add some sesame oil, kikoman soy sauce into the mix
  • Rinse the salt from the fish so it won't taste as salty later
  • Add another layer
  • Add hua tiao chiew cooking wine

4. Prepare spring onions
5. Wait for pompret to cook and eat!

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