Saturday 28 September 2019

How to Submit a Dental Claim on Bupa Global

If you're wondering and exploring Bupa's Global International insurance, here's an insight into the process and dental coverage for Bupa.

Bupa Dental Treatment Optional Coverage

This is one of the "Optional Benefits" under the Bupa Company Classic Plan which is what my company is currently under.

On Bupa's website, it lists that dental treatment option covers:
  • 100 percent of preventive treatment (such as check-ups, X-rays, scale and polishing).
  • 80 percent of routine treatment (such as fillings, extractions and root canal therapy).
  • 50 percent of major restorative (such as crowns, bridges or implants).
  • 50 percent of orthodontic treatment of overbite or underbite etc, up to the age of 19.

So the following is the process of filing in a form with Bupa. 

How to Submit a Dental Claim on Bupa Global

This briefly describes how to file a dental claim form with Bupa. 

Step 1 - Visit and log into Bupa Global International

Step 2 - Click "Submit Claims" and "Make a Claim"

Step 3 - Fill in your basic details for Bupa

Step 4 - Fill in Treatment / Consultation details for Bupa

When was the date of treatment/consultation?

Please tell us the first date of the medical treatment that this claim is for. If it was a single consultation, please provide the date of the appointment. If the appointment or treatment is in the future, please claim after it takes place. We advise you to apply for pre-authorisation here in MembersWorld, to check that the treatment / appointment will be covered by your plan.

When did the symptoms first appear?

If you are not sure, please estimate the date as best as you can.

If this is not the first visit to a medical professional regarding the condition or treatment that this claim relates to, when was it first presented or mentioned?

An estimate of the date is fine, if you do not have a record of the exact appointment, but please be as accurate as you can.

Was the patient admitted to a hospital or medical facility?

Including admission for day-patient treatment or in-patient treatment.

What type of treatment was it?

Please select the primary treatment or procedure you are claiming for.

Step 5 - Select "Dental" for type of treatment

You will be presented a few options, so you will need to select the one that is most appropriate for your dental procedure.
  • Annual check (checkups, scale and polish, xrays),
  • Preventive (scale and polish, mouth guards),
  • Routine/ major restorative (filling, bridges, crowns, implants, dentures, orthodontic (brace, retainers),
  • Accident or injury

Step 6 - Select "Payment" details

Select payment currency and details. 

Step 7 - Upload invoice documents and photos 

Step 8 - Consent for Bupa to receive medical reports from medical provider

Do you give Bupa consent to receive your medical reports, if required?

We may need to see your reports to assess your claim. They won’t be shared with anyone else.

Keep smiling! :)

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