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Bupa Global Company Classic plan - what's included

This guide is written to give of view for those currently covered or looking into International Business Coverage by the Bupa Global Company Classic plan.

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Overview of the Bupa Global coverage

Company Classic
Our Company Classic health insurance plan provides the protection against significant inpatient costs, and features that cover for many day-to-day medical costs including a variety of out-patient treatments, vaccinations and wellness tests.

Annual maximum coverage of GBP 900,000 / USD 1,500,000 /  EUR 1,000,000

This product is a result of the collaboration between two of the most respected names in global healthcare, Bupa Global and  Blue Cross Blue Shield Global.

Classic includes cover for:

  • outpatient treatment
  • maternity cover (after ten months)
  • wellness tests
  • vaccinations
  • therapists and complementary medicine practitioners
  • in-patient and day-case treatment
  • cancer treatment
  • local air and road ambulance
  • 28 days emergency cover for the U.S.

Sample Bupa Global Coverage sub-limits for your easy reference

This is based on my current plan. I am currently in Singapore and the following are listed by Bupa in USD.

Bupa Global Company Classic Plan summary

  • Overall Annual Maximum USD 1,500,000.00
  • Benefits used so far: USD 0.00 <counter to track benefits used>
  • Renewal date: <Annual renewal date>
  • Underwriting: Yes/ No


  • Full cover for cancer, in-patient and day-case treatment plus 28 days emergency cover for the U.S.
  • Cover for out-patient treatment, including wellness tests, consultations, therapists and complementary medicine practitioners
  • Vaccinations
  • Maternity cover
  • Dental option
  • Overall annual maximum of:
  • GBP 900,000 / 
  • USD 1.5 million / 
  • EUR 1 million


  • No health screening ("Please be advised that the pre-authorisation is not approved as your policy does not cover the health screening."
  • No GP/ family doctor visits ("Consultation, family doctor")

Newborn Care, lifetime

Limit Total (USD)
USD 150,000.00

Benefits include:
Newborn Care

Air Ambulance

Limit Total (USD)
USD 10,000.00

Benefits include:
Local Air Ambulance

wellperson checks

Limit Total (USD)
USD 1,000.00

Benefits include:
Screening - Mammogram
Screening - Pap test
Screening - Colon Cancer
Screening - Prostate

Home nursing

Limit Total (USD)
USD 4,000.00

Limit Total (Per Year)
20 Per Year

Benefits include:
Home Nursing following In Patient Stay

HIV/AIDS drug therapy

Limit Total (USD)
USD 20,000.00

Benefits include:
Drug Therapy and ART

outpatient vaccinations

Limit Total (USD)
USD 200.00

Benefits include:
Vaccination - HPV (Human Papillomavirus)


Limit Total (Per Year)
30 Per Year

Benefits include:
Hospitalisation, rehab - overnight or day case
Rehabilitation - outpatient

Maternity Home Delivery

Limit Total (USD)
USD 1,300.00

Benefits include:
Maternity - home delivery

Cash Benefit

Limit Total (USD)
USD 3,000.00

Limit Total (Per Year)
20 Per Year

Benefits include:
Cash Benefit - Maternity
Hospitalisation - cash benefit

Outpatient services

Limit Total (USD)
USD 10,900.00

Benefits include:
X-Ray, Ultrasound, Diagnostic Imaging: out patient
Pathology - out patient
Non Surgical Diagnostic Procedure - out patient
Consultation, Specialist - telephone/internet
Consultation, Specialist - out patient


Limit Total (USD)
USD 8,150.00

Benefits include:
Maternity related care - out patient
Maternity - Unclassified Caesarean delivery
Maternity related care - in hospital

Maternity Essential Caesarean

Limit Total (USD)
USD 21,500.00

Benefits include:
Maternity - Medically Essential Caesarean delivery

Hospice&Palliative, lifetime

Limit Total (USD)
USD 41,000.00

Benefits include:
Hospice and Palliative Care - Out-patient
Hospice and Palliative Care - In-patient

Inpatient Psychiatry

Limit Total (Per Lifetime)
90 Per Lifetime

Benefits include:
Hospitalisation, psychiatric - daycase
Hospitalisation, psychiatric - overnight

Prosthetic device

Special limits apply - please refer to your membership guide or contact our customer services team for details.

Benefits include:
Prosthetic Device

outpatient therapist

Limit Total (Per Year)
20 Per Year

Benefits include:
Dietician - out patient
Chinese medicine - out patient
Acupuncture - out patient
Homoeopathy - out patient
Speech Therapy - out patient
Orthoptic Therapy - out patient
Osteopathy - out patient
Alternative Therapy - out patient
Physiotherapy -out patient
Chiropractic - out patient
Occupational Therapy - out patient
Qualified nurse - out patient

Dental (add on)

Limit Total (USD)

USD 2,000.00

Benefits include:

  • Dentistry - Major Restorative
  • Dentistry - Orthodontic
  • Dentistry - Preventive
  • Dentistry - Routine
  • Dentistry - Annual Check


There are certain conditions and treatments that Bupa does not pay for on any level of coverage.

Excluded conditions and treatments:

- artificial life maintenance

- birth control

- conflict and disaster

- congenital conditions

- convalescence and admission for general care

- cosmetic treatment

- deafness

- dental treatment/gum disease

- desensitisation and neutralisation

- developmental problems

- donor organs

- drugs and dressing (out-patient)***

- epidemics and pandemics

- experimental treatment

- eyesight

- family doctor treatment***

- footcare

- genetic testing

- harmful or hazardous use of alcohol, drugs and/or medicines

- health hydros, nature cure clinics and related treatments

- hereditary conditions


- infertility treatment

- maternity

- obesity

- persistent vegetative state (PVS) and neurological damage

- personality disorders

- physical aids and devices

- pre-existing conditions

- preventive and wellness treatment

- reconstructive or remedial surgery

- self-inflicted injuries

- sexual problems/gender issues

- sleep disorders

- speech disorders

- stem cells

- surrogate parenting

- travel costs for treatment

- unrecognised medical practitioner, hospital or healthcare facility

- U.S. treatment (unless U.S. cover is purchased separately)

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