Saturday 26 August 2017

Jetstar Credit Card Payments for Group Booking

I just received some details from the Jetstar Trade/ Business team, which would be useful to take note of.

They can no longer accept credit card payments via email to ensure PCI DSS compliance.

Please kindly find the details below.

Jetstar Trade Mail - Credit Card Payments for Group Booking 

Dear Partner, 

Effective 28 August 2017 to support Jetstar’s efforts towards compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), credit card payments will no longer be accepted by email either as attachment or in the email body for all group bookings handled by Jetstar Group Desk.
For travel agents where there is presence of Jetstar General Sales Agent (GSA), please pay to GSA directly and our GSA will settle the payment using their own Agency Account or Corporate Credit Card.

Please see below the numbers to dial for the respective markets.
MarketTeamPhone Number
SingaporeTrade Support Team800 852 9510
MalaysiaGeneral Sales Agent603 2713 3909
IndonesiaTrade Support Team62 21 25556377
ThailandGeneral Sales Agent66 22675125
PhilippinesTrade Support Team
General Sales Agent
1800 8908 8306 / 1800 1441 0930
632 810 4744
CambodiaGeneral Sales Agent855 23220909 / 855 11811414
MyanmarGeneral Sales Agent95 9 42 1116661 / 1116662 / 1116663
IndiaGeneral Sales Agent91 11 43513283 / 43513284

Thank you.
The Jetstar Sales Team

PS - I do not work for Jetstar. I just like to share useful information ;)

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