Saturday 12 December 2015

Top 3 of the Best Singapore Food for Expats

Food is the universal language of the world. So what is the universal food language of Singapore?
Singapore is a country made up of a population of Chinese, Malay, Indian and foreign nationalities. So the food follows this blend of nationalities.
Here are some of the top 3 Singapore foods that I recommend for expats:
  1. Pepper crab - You've probably heard of Chilli crab, but I find pepper crab equally if not even better. It's less choosen by tourists, but if done well, brings out the true flavours of the crab in a local way.
  2. Peranakan food - Peranakan laksa in particular is to die for. It is amazingly rich in flavours and food. The Peranakan people (from Singapore and Malay) brought a blend between Chinese and Malay together using rich and expensive ingredients in their days, so from generations today now enough these great receipes and share them with you and I alike. 
  3. Prawn noodles - Not always easily done. It requires a very strong base of prawn stock to make right. When done right, it is delicious, heartly and gievs you a nice warm me up. 
chicken rice singapore
Other key foods that you will hear and consider. These are really the classic foods of Singapore:
  • Chicken rice 
  • Hokkein mee

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